5 Best Digital Marketing Hacks For Startups

Digital marketing hacks


In this growing digital world, businesses are performing at their level best with the help of right digital marketing hacks and techniques. Mostly, 90% of businesses use ways of advertising be it traditional or digital or maybe combination of both. In addition to it, 58% of businesses prefer digital marketing and almost everyone plans to sink more of their marketing budgets into it. Tested by: Workswit IT Solutions.

If we talk about startups, there is no doubt that they have to deal with numerous challenges, mostly when it comes to making their own way to stand out in the online world. The most important way of having your presence online is to master the art of digital marketing for massive success. As entrepreneurs struggle to grow in their own niche in this crowded market, only the correct marketing techniques can lead you to growth. Digital marketing is not all about mainstream promotions or standard advertising, it’s the core to attract an audience towards your business in the form of engagement, conversions or customers.

Digital Marketing Hacks for startups

This particular blog is all about some powerful Digital Marketing Hacks that can take your business game to the next level in order to reach heights.

1. Excellence Social Media Engagement

    i) The most influential tool for startups to build a strong connection with their audience is Social Media. Social Media platforms are one of the best places to begin with a secure online existence. Drafting a powerful social media plan involves selecting correct social media platforms which includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc for your startup. Invest your time and energy in finding the right audience by understanding their behavior, interests and needs. 

    ii) Posting content also considered as great digital marketing hacks which provides value to your audience be it in the form of texts, visuals, reels videos etc to know which form of content is mostly liked by your audience. In order to grow your profile and get noticed by people across various social media platforms “Consistency is the main key”, interact with your audience that engage themselves on your account like responding to comments, communicating in messages, asking questions to know about their opinions  through polls and generating relatable content. 

    iii) Plan your posting schedule as timings also matter equally. Analyze at what time your audience is mostly active on all platforms and post accordingly. 

    iv) Collaborating with influencers in your particular industry can also be beneficial to your startup as you get visibility through their credibility and authenticity. 

    2. Artifice A Captivating Brand Story

      i) Composing a gripping brand story is an art form that goes beyond mere communication of products and services is one of the best digital marketing hacks. The main aspect for every startup is their audience. Every individual behind the startup has their own story to tell and by disseminating it productively can help you in attracting and building a strong sentimental connection with your audience. 

      ii) Utilize your online platforms to unfold your overall so far journey, missions and values. Include story narration in your content, whether it is on your website, social media platforms, email campaigns etc. An enthralling brand story can lead your startup to be relevant and unforgettable. 

      iii) Eventually, artificing a captivating brand story marches on its capability to not just hang on but to engage, encourage and leave an impactful trail in the nerves and souls of the audience.

      3. Develop Your Website And Grasp The Power Of SEO

      i) Having a website for your startup is a must when it comes to growing digitally and also the strongest digital marketing hacks. Eventually, it is the best form for reaching out to your potential customers. 

      ii) There are few things which we have to keep in mind like to make sure that it’s user- friendly, eye- catching and fully optimized for conversions. 

      iii) Ensure that your website has clear call to action buttons, reduce the page loading time and streamline the navigation. Also, it is essential that your website should be mobile friendly as most of the users access websites on their mobile phones.

      iv) SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the keystone of digital marketing hacks. It is ascendant for startups striving to grow organically, to make their own space in this crowded marketplace. Upgrading your website’s ranking on SERP (search engine result page) includes a lot of various factors. 

      v) Begin with keyword optimization, i.e finding out the keywords that your targeted audience is searching for products and services. Including those keywords in your website’s content will be beneficial.

      vi) Build high quality, accordant, value adding content that relates with your targeted audience’s behavior and interests. Keep up your content with industry’s trends. Include On page factors like meta titles, meta description, image alt text etc. These factors help search engines to know about your content. 

      vii) Generate backlinks from highly regarded or significant websites as it provides a sign to search engines that your content is valuable and reputable. Local seo is also an advantageous digital marketing hacks for startups with a local existence. 

      viii) Build and assert google my business profile of your business to appear in local searches, specifically for those searching for products and services in that particular location. 

      ix) Consider technical aspects also, such as speed of your website, crawlability etc. Observe and keep a track of your website’s seo performance by using tools like google analytics, google search console.

      4. Engage Through Email Marketing 

        i) Email marketing is considered as a commanding tool and powerful digital marketing hacks to engage with your targeted audience on an individual level. 

        ii) All you have to do is draft a personalized email list extracting from your website and all social media platforms based on their behavior and interests.

        iii) After collecting all the data, start engaging with your audience through emails by sharing all updates, discounts, promotions of your business.

        5. Running Paid Advertising Campaigns

        i) Talking about paid advertising, it is an instant and productive method for your startup to reach out to a wider audience in a very short period of time. 

        ii) Draft captivating ad campaigns for your startup is also best digital marketing hacks on platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads with proper targeting strategies based on your audience’s interests, behavior, demographics etc.

        iii) Visualize and track results regularly of your running campaigns in order to get better results. Visit our homepage https://piccatech.com/


        In this dynamic scenery of digital marketing, keeping up with spiraling trends and being consistent are the keys for startups. Following all these digital marketing hacks strategically will definitely help your startups in building a strong online presence, to make conversions and lead you towards growth. Only adapting these digital marketing hacks is not the foundation but to keep emerging and establishing to stand out in this competitive digital world.


        Q1. Is social media engagement important for startups?

        A1. Yes, social media engagement plays an important role for startups and considered best digital marketing hacks as it is the best place for building brand awareness and by regularly engaging on social media platforms you can create a potential customer base.

        Q2. What is the role of SEO in marketing strategies for startups?

        A2. SEO plays a vital role for startups by optimizing their website on search pages.It increases organic traffic and boosts chances to rank higher on SERP with correct strategies.

        Q3. How can startups use interactive content to engage with their audience?

        A3. Startups can engage with their audience by polls, quizzes, surveys to know about their interest and behavior. It can build a strong relationship between you and your audience.

        Q4. How are digital marketing efforts measured?

        A4. Digital marketing hacks and efforts for startups can be measured by various methods such as conversion rates, website traffic, ROI and social media engagement. You can use analytical tools also to track your performances. 

        Q5. What is the difference between paid advertising and growing organically?

        A5. You will get results in both the cases. Paid advertising will give you instant results whereas growing organically is more time consuming.

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