5 Best Ideas For Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing!!

What is Digital Marketing?

Today we are going to talk about Best Ideas For Digital Marketing.

Well in technical terms digital marketing is referred to as the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.

And in layman terms it is referred to as doing marketing of your business via the means of the internet.

Example of digital marketing- When a person is selling their products via social media marketing(instagram,facebook) it is considered to be digital marketing.

best ideas for digital marketing

What is Marketing?

In layman terms marketing is referred to as the spreading awareness about a particular brand and its products, so that the targeted audience is attracted and buys the product which is being showcased to them.

Example of traditional marketing- when a particular brand runs their ad on television then their product is being marketed via traditional marketing.

  • Difference between traditional and digital marketing-
  1. Reach- In traditional marketing less audience can be reached at a time whereas with the help of digital marketing a huge amount of audience can be reached at a point of time.
  2. Cost- Traditional marketing requires more spend on advertising in comparison to digital marketing which is highly cost effective and does not require to spend a huge penny.
  3. Awareness- With the help of digital marketing awareness about a particular product can be spreaded quickly and effectively in comparison to traditional marketing
  4. Reviews- With the help of online medium a digital marketer can refer views and reviews on a continuous basis and then take future decisions accordingly whereas this is not possible in traditional marketing.
  5. Medium- Digital marketing can be conducted with the help of social media marketing, search engine optimization, website creation, youtube marketing, Email marketing etc

On the other hand traditional marketing can be conducted with the help of newspapers,magazines, billboards,television ads, radio etc.

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  • 7 C’s of Digital Marketing-


The main purpose of performing digital marketing is for its customers. Customers play a really important role while performing digital marketing ,the correct audience shall be targeted properly.


If your content is not worthy enough and does not catch the eye of your targeted audience then all your efforts can go in vain.


Before conducting digital marketing the marketer shall be aware of the context of performing digital marketing and of what are the goals he/she is going to achieve.


People build their own communities and links in order to interact with each other on a continuous basis and this method is highly effective for B-to-B businesses.


Next C of digital marketing talks about convenience which means that marketing must be conducted in such a way that it is user friendly and leads to quick call to action.


It is referred to as promoting your business on different platforms keeping the strategy aligned for all the platforms.


What is the use of promoting your business if it does not lead to sales?

It is very much important to not only increase the awareness via running ads but also have a high conversion rate along with that.


  • Social media marketing-

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is referred to as promoting your business with the help of social media platforms such as instagram and facebook.

A digital marketer can grow their businesses on social media platforms with the help of posting reels, posting regular posts on product updates, posting stories and running ads.

The various platforms through which a particular business can be promoted on social media are-

  1. Instagram- Instagram is a really famous platform for youngsters through which a digital marketer can run ads, post daily updates on their new products and even post stories. 

This platform is suitable for clothing products, cosmetics and food products to sell.

  1. Facebook- This particular platform is famous among people aged between 30-80 years. People on this platform can run ads, post daily updates on various products and even conduct their business on facebook groups.
  1. Twitter- Another famous platform that is used by today’s generation is twitter.
  1. Linkden- linkden is famous among those people that are interested in hiring people and posts daily updates regarding new jobs, this platform is beneficial for both employee and the recruiter.
  1. Pinterest-This particular platform is famous for the purpose of uploading daily posts on this platform in a fancy manner that is attracted by the targeted audience.
  • SE0 (Search engine optimization)-

Search engine optimization is basically known as the optimization of the content that is uploaded on the website by the means of on page/off page/ technical seo.

It results in the good ranking of that particular website and shows good response and increases the chances of visibility and click rate by the audience.

So, seo should always be conducted carefully in order to increase the chance of a website being clicked by the audience and also to enhance the ranking of that page.

Types of seo-

  1. On page seo- on page seo is that seo that is basically conducted by the website owner and is done prior to uploading any content on that website. On page seo is conducted in order to check the keyword density, in order to choose the apt keyword for that particular content and also enhances the quality of the content, this seo is important in order to ultimately improve the ranking.
  2. Off page seo- off page seo is that seo that is conducted by the way of backlinks in that particular content, backlinks can be shown on our own blogs and other websites blogs as well in order to improve the visibility of our website.
  3. Technical seo- Here comes the technical part of seo, technical seo involves robot files, and auditing one’s own website.
  • Email marketing-

Email marketing is the most traditional and effective way of doing marketing which is done by the way of using Emails.

  • Affiliate marketing-

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods that can be considered in order to grow your business. In this marketing other businesses are responsible to market your products and charge a commission in return for the same.

  • YouTube marketing-

Who does not want to grow their business via this medium?

Videos are uploaded in this platform prior to which the content of the video is optimised in order to get that video viral and reach the maximum audience.

  • Other ways to grow your business are by means of creating a wonderful website, running google ads, dropshipping, bringing your business on various E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, myntra etc

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The businesses in today’s scenario can be grown in multiple ways with the help of digital marketing, a digital marketer should always stay updated with today’s market trends and grab the opportunity for rapid business growth.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ’s)-

Q1- What is the difference between google ads and social media ads?

Ans- Google ads are those that are run on google webpage and on youtube, whereas social media ads are those which are run on the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

Q2- Which platform is better for business growth: Instagram or facebook?

Ans- There’s no particular answer to this question and this totally depends upon the targeted audience age group and the type of product that business is selling.

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