Top Hacks for Digital Growth For Your Business

Hacks for digital growth

We are Providing some Hacks on Digital Growth 

1.Think About Your Audience: Remember about an old saying ”Customer is equal to the god for the business”. Wheather it is traditional business or Digital. This saying is applicable on the both businesses. Customer or audience is the king maker for the business. So the business should be understand its audience that what its audience wants from them. You have to collect the data about your audience to complete its demand .

Some following points you have to focus on:

Customer wants:You have to initially find the reason of a customer dissatisfaction.There you have to put your chance and give them what they can satisfied with.This market gap filling can give you much better growth because your customer is realying on you.So make it your permanent customer.

Demographic: For digital growth you have a proper knowledge of demographics.Demographics includes Whether the customer is parent, In relationship ,House owner or Student. Demographics can give you a better customer targeting For your business. So understand the demographics in right way.

Competitor Strategies: Competitor is the biggest threat to the business. On digital medium the competitor is rough to conquer. There are many tools available in the digital market from that you can keep a watch on your competitor strategies. You have to deep research the market and find out who is your real competitor. After finding it you start following them and put an eye on each and every step of the competitor. Traffic is a like a Bull in the digital world .If you conquer the game of traffic ,You are the bull of the market. Your competitor is using each and every technique to snatch the traffic. Some points to win from your competitor:

Strength and weakness: To win the battle you have to spy about your competitor.You should know each and every strength and weakness of your competitor.competitor weakness make you strong against your competitor and their strength would aware you about every step they headed to back you in the competition.You can make good strategies by using your competitor strength planings.Their weakness help you to attract their audience towards you by giving them good experience in that case.

Aware like a watchman:You have a fear everytime in digital world.Because you can not sit comfortably after achieving better traffic. You have to maintain it.Because You are not alone in the market who wants traffic ,there are many similar business as your who wants to grab the crowd towards them .They are waiting for your one mistake and this one mistake can change the whole scenario. So not the similar to the business is the threat for you ,another business which is not as your segment but they needs your audience is also threat for you and can act as hurdle in your digital growth journey.

Conversion Rate Optimization Technique: Conversion rate is picturise as the rate ,how much of the visitor are convert into the leads. For Instance: `There are 100 people visited to your website and out of this you get 30 leads ,the conversion rate is 30 %.

Actions for the better conversion rate:

Attract The audience:When the visitor website and intract with your website ,show him the services which force him to take some action and become your customer.Place a call -to action button for the action.

Create urgency: When visitors visits on your website ,for making them customer you have to work on different strategies.In these one of the best strategies is creating urgency.give them a amazing iffer and apply a short deadline to grab this offer.It will create a fear of loss in customer mind he want to take action as soon as possible.It will benefited for increasing conversion rate and digital growth.

Give Testinomials: Testimonials are some free services given to the visitors that attract him and draw a positive image in his mindset.Testinomials can be a free book on something as pdf or a paid tool free to use . This will gain loyalty in customer mindset and increase your digital growth.

Price of services:Price of services should in different and in such a way that customer can choose what best that shoots him and not available on your customer website. It will attract more customers and your conversion rate starting increasing and the cost of conversion started decreasing. Now you don’t need to do expensive ads.

Influencer Marketing strategies: This is the one of the popular marketing strategies for digital growth .A influencer is a personality who has a better fan base and these fans love him and blindly follow him.By using this support you can grow your brand and make place in the market. Some of the famous influencers are Ajay Nagar aka Carry Minati, Gaurav Chaudry aka technical guruji. These guys  promoting your brand and by connecting them to the brand you are getting their believe in from of the audience.

Some points to take the benefit of influencer marketing:

1.Choose a correct face:For make the better impact you have to choose a good face which fits to the brand.For instance:You are promoting a mobile brand ,so the most suitable face will be technical niche influencer like Gaurav Chaudry Aka Technical Gurruji.He is very famous in unboxing new mobile phones,So think about it when he is promoting your mobile brand,you are not only gaining customer with this you are gaining a loyal customer base.So choosing a right face can make a big impact.

2.Creative Placement of your ad:Place your ad  in such a way which make a long lasting impact on audience mind and gain everyone’s attention.The best example of this is 1970 Football World Cup match between Peru and Brazil. Pelle,the greatest footballer tied his Puma laces between the match .For this 1,20,000 dollars was paid by the company.Everyone in the ground and on Tv noticed it.It was a great idea to promote the brand.Today brands are using creative ads idea using influencers which helps in engaging more and more audience.

3.Clear your Goals:Your campaign goals should be clear.What is your  purpose and goal of doing this ad.What do you want to perform the activity by your your influencer to promote the brand.How your influencer present the brand in front of public.

4.Give valuable Offers: Place some good offers like providing coupon code which give an amount of discount to its users.The coupon code  is from the name of the influencer Like as you are promoting your brand from Bhuvan Bham So the coupon code will be BHU01.The user who will apply this coupon code will get the 30% discount and set a time limit on it.It will not only increase sale but also track the users which you gain on the behalf of influencer.By this you can track the data.

5.Promotion through unboxing: Unboxing gives a detail about the product.It ‘s all about product look,features and what you get inside the box with the product.You see many influencers doing  unboxing on youtube.For better result the company tie up with the famous influencer and sent him the product before launching it in the market.When influencer unbox the product and give positive  reviews ,the excitement increase in the public about when the product launch and came in their hand.This activity Increase the chance of better sale and success of the product.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization means optimizing your content according to the search engine algorithm, that it can visible on the first page of the search engine.According to sources,Google handle 99000 search every second and 8.5 billion Every hour.This is largest search which are providing similar search results as you are also more in numbers.So you have to beat millions of website to visible on first page of the search engines.This is not easy task to crack.You have to optimize your content more than the best level.

How your content reach on search engine page:

  • Crawl: Search engine’s crawl your content by the help of its bot.
  • Index: Crawled page is included in search engine data base Which is called indexing.
  • Ranking: On the basis of quality and better you optimize your content like using reliable keywords and tags, images it was ranked and visible on search pages.

Importance of Seo in digital growth:

When user plan something to buy or wants to know about something,the initial idea came to his mind is to search about it in google or bing.Many pages with millions of search results appears in front of him.He will not scroll all pages .He only open two or three website to satisfy his need.It means he did’nt visit other website which he did not seen on first page.From this you know the importance of Seo.To get success their you need to give relevant content .(28 january)

Email Marketing:Email marketing is the one of the valuable digital marketing form.Through Email You can promote your products and services and offer discounts to your potential as well as new customer.Email marketing is not easy to do. Do You really think that you send a email to any person which showing a person company’s product promotional intent and he will open it and read it,so the answer is” No”.Their is more than the less chance that he will open the email and read it.So you have to very careful about the engaging the client or customer with your email. Through email you are not only awaring your customer about your product or service ,from this you are connecting the customer with your business as a loyal customer and future deals.

Free and paid Emails: Although normal email services are free to use but in limited amount.For using more features and exceed your email sending capacity you have to pay a particular amount.

Email Automation:Email automation is sending right email to right people without writing it again and again.The email was sent automatically for the right query and to the right movement.It is paid tool but useful for your business.


  • Personalise your customer experience:Send the email according to customer detail.The email will be sent to the genuine customer with right information.

Improve customer retention rate: When you connected to your customer your customer will fill importance and he will connected to your business.

Conclusion: Digital platforms provides you outstanding opportunity to grow your business. It is depend on your strategies and skills how you use them .Your digital growth depends on how creatively you engage with your audience and kind of presentation provided by you in front of audience. There is very high competition in digital world because of availability of tools to spy your strategies. So you have to think ahead of your competitor and have a good digital media team. There are many digital channels available ,so choose best you can which also suits your business .It also depend on business type and your potential audience present on the platform. with great team effort you can make digital growth in less the time required.


Ques1:How to know about the potential audience for digital growth of new business?

Ans: For this you have to run ad campaigns the interested people will click on your ad and from there you have a data base of an audience and you can retarget them. That way you can get an idea for digital growth.

Ques2:Which growth is faster organic or inorganic/paid?

Ans: Inorganic growth is faster because organic growth takes time. You have to prepare best content regularly and post regularly. organic growth takes time to reach the audience. Inorganic is paid so the platform on which ad is run try to give you result as soon as possible it can.

Ques3: Are the campaign strategies we make can be copy by our competitor ?

Ans: Yes ,it can.There are many tools available in the market like Semrush, Ahrefs, Keyword everywhere etc. These are paid tools which can make it possible.

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