Best 6 digital marketing software and tools in 2024

digital marketing software


The best digital marketing software Online business or market is constantly evolving Those who are aiming for future growth in digital doors should use the best digital marketing software, it is not just software, it is the secret of your success.These tools can take your digital growth to a different level With the help of these tools, you can do many tasks like social media management and email marketing keyword research with great efficiency.


semrush digital marketing tool

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Best digital marketing software and tools for SEO and competitor research

Samrush is a seo software which is used for when you doing keyword research keyword overview traffic analytics backlink analytics site audit competitor research etc you can do many other types of work using semrush.

Samrush is a paid software so you have to take monthly or yearly subscription but if you do not take subscription then you can do 2-3 keyword research in 24 hours for free but Samrush will show less data to you.

Semrush upgrade plan has 3 types, pro,guru and business

1.Pro subscription 

Pro monthly charge is $129 per month, in which you get 40 tools like SEO,PPC and content projects.Pro Features More beneficial for freelancers, startups and in-house marketing. 

2.Guru subscription

Guru’s monthly charge is $249 per month which also includes all the features of pro subscription and other additional features like  content marketing platform, historical data, extended limits.Guru Features is more beneficial for companies and agencies like business.

3.Business subscription

Business monthly charge is $499 dollars per month,which includes all the features of pro and guru subscription Business Features are more beneficial for companies and agencies e-commerce projects.

2 Canva.

canva digital marketing tool

Best digital marketing software for graphic

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Canva is a graphic design software which we can use to create logo creation, making video or photos with the help of canva we can create resume portfolio presentations we can create custom fonts or icons grids and different different shapes canva also provide pre build templates of different types of logos and pictures.

Canva is of 2 types paid or free. You can also use canva in the free version but you can not  use premium templates of canva or premium photos gif and other attractive things which can take your work to a different level.

Canva have 4 upgrade plan

  1. Canva charges Rs 3999 for a 12 month plan.
  2. Canva charges Rs 499 for a 1 month plan.
  3. Canva charges Rs 199 for a 1 week plan.
  4. Canva charges Rs 69 for a 1 day plan.

3 Mailchimp.

mailchimp digital marketing software

best digital marketing software for email marketing

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Mailchimp is a marketing software that helps you manage or communicate with your clients so that you can achieve your business goals. Mailchimp allows you to send multiple emails at once to multiple clients. your sales have increased automatically.

The help of Mailchimp, you can share your campaign directly on your social media. Mailchimp integrates with some social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mailchimp is a free and paid software, you can use it for free but you cannot use its premium features. To use the premium features of Mailchimp,

Mailchimp provides 3 types of upgrade plans.

  1. essential plan

The Essentials plan charges is $13 per month

  1. Standard plan 

The standard plan charges is $20 per month

  1. Premium plan 

The premium plan charges is $350 per month

4 Google Analytics 

google analytics digital marketing software

Best digital marketing software for analyzing your trafic

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Google analytics is useful like website tracking analytics or you can also check things like bounce rate of your website, session duration, pages per session or you can also check the source of traffic of your website.

How can you register your website on Google Analytics?

First go to chrome browser and search then open 1 link after that click on start measuring button after that Google will ask you to create your account and enter your details Google Analytics will ask you some questions like your name your domain name your business When your account is registered, Google Analytics will give you a code which you have to put on your website, then Google Analytics will start tracking your website.

5 Hubspot.

hubspot digital marketing software

Best digital marketing software and tool for marketing

This data is according to sproutsocial

hubspot is a CRM (technology for managing) platform which is designed according to your business. In hotspot you get all the features like marketing sales customer service content and operations email marketing landing page if you like or more. If you want to use this feature, there is also a paid version of it.

Hubspot provides 2 type of upgrade plan 

1 Professional

Hubspot charge $800 per month 

2 Enterprise 

Hubspot charge $3600 per month 

6 Optimonk 

optimonk digital marketing software

Best digital marketing software for free making attractive popups

Optimonk is a powerful pop builder, you can design its popup according to your customer, you can give a smart welcome to your first time visitor, this popup can be like a lucky wheel, it also improves the experience of your visitor. With the help of this you can also make the visitors more interested in your product or special offers.

This tool is used to bring conversation on your website, through popup you can also promote special offers and climate offers of your website. With the help of optimonk, you can improve your customer’s journey through surveys and get their feedback. So you can exactly design your popup according to your customers.


Digital marketing software is a dynamic concept which can make your campaign more impactful or successful by looking at every type of business individual and preference or by looking at the ever changing digital world using this digital marketing software.

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1. What is digital marketing software?

Digital marketing software refers to tools and platforms that help you in business, you can do tasks like planning, tracking and analyzing with less effort.

2. What is semrush?

Semrush is an all in one tool which increases your online visibility Semrush has some services like SEO,PPC,SMM keyword research, competitive research, marketing insights and campaign management.

3. What is canva used for?

Canva makes it easy for everyone to create creative and beautiful designs. Canva helps you to easily create designs like images, videos, poster presentations for social media.

4. What are the benefits of using mailchimp?

high roi generates traffic to your website. Good relations with your customers increase brand awareness, cost effective immediate results, find more quality leads increase engagement on social media automatic message builds credibility like or also has many benefits of using mailchimp.

5. Why do you use these tools?

You should have all these tools to do it because all these tools will help you a lot in making your work and campins. All these tools will make your work easier and more efficient.

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