50 Power Words To Increase Sales

Increase Sales

In this fast paced Era of digital Marketing where plenty of businesses are thirsty to market their products and want their Brands or companies  to Shine like a DOG STAR It is very Important to utilise this undiscovered power which comes from using power words It can be   either in your content, headline, titles, meta descriptions and at plenty of more spaces. It is very necessary to pick the power words in a strategic or smarter manner to avoid foolish mistakes which can blunder its upcoming results. But if used correctly it can also do wonders in order to drive sales and enhance brands visibility. To get an insight about these powerful words you can also checkout porshtech . Now here we are gonna talk about the top 50 power words which can help you rank your website on SERP(SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE), Enhance your brand’s visibility and boost your sales in a 10X manner.

Now let’s understand what kind of impact it creates on buyers or consumers’ behaviour. Before grabbing the list of power words it is very essential to know about the customer’s psychology behind it and how it changes and what kind of impact it creates on a customer’s mindset. Power words have a significant impact it has that power to change a normal line into a headline or a title It plays a very vital role on a customer’s subconscious part of the brain which has that ability to trigger emotions and promotes and fosters a customer’s decision making process which ultimately drives sales and Builds  a strong connection with the customer which also helps in the process of retaining the customer. But the main task is to use them thoughtfully to gather better results from them.


  1. Irresistible

This power word is most commonly used in sales pitches because it creates a feeling of urgency and rush behaviour which compels a customer to purchase that particular product or service immediately.

  1. Exclusive

This is one of my personal favourites because it automatically enhances the value of that product and brings it’s comparison level at an upper end. It creates a FOMO( fear of missing out) in the customer’s mindset and creates a fear of not buying that product.

  1. Revolutionary

This power word  brings out a different or a positive vibe. It makes the  product superior and ensures that the product is innovative which seeks the interest of the customers at a massive level.

  1. Sensational

This power word creates an immense feeling of excitement and amazement. This word adds up a feeling of joy and happiness which relaxes a customer and enforces their decision making power with a good mood.

  1. Effortless

This power word creates a feeling of convenience  and proper satisfaction in solving a customer’s problems and providing him equilibrium by meeting their needs in a promising way.

  1. Glamorous

This power word denotes glory. It creates a feeling of luxury and forces the middle class buyer for purchasing purposes in order to make them look rich. 

  1. Authentic

This power word indicates genuineness,honesty and authenticity. By using this power word Customers believe a product is authentic and reliable to purchase. It delivers them a sense of credibility and trust to the customer in order to enhance sales.

  1. Breathtaking:

This keyword implies a sense of shocked behaviour. This generally happens when a product is at a very lower price than usual or gains your vote of immediate purchase at that moment only. 

  1. Tempting:

This power word creates a sense of desire in a customer’s mindset and encourages him to make an immediate purchase which usually shows path breaking results in the number of sales.

  1. Exquisite:

This power word provides a sense of delivering good quality and a premium product and ensures a customer that he’s getting the value for the amount he or she is paying.

  1. Captivating:

This power word ensures that it will gather customers’ interest for a longer duration and keep him/her gathered which generally completes the motive of the power word.

  1. Unparalleled:

This power word is used when you position your product with the lower variant of that product so that the customer finds it superior and makes an immediate purchase at the moment. 

  1. Mesmerising:

This power word creates a sense of fascination which makes a customer happy and relax which allows him to make a sudden purchase.

  1. Empowering:

This power word creates a sense of confidence. Gives a feeling to rule and makes him capable to own a product which attracts a customer towards it and ultimately drives sales.

  1. Intriguing:

This power word creates curiosity and  engages him in the variety to discover or explore  more  than what you’re actually offering. 

  1. Transformative:

This keyword gives a feeling of transformation. That is how this product can impact your course of life in a better or a genuine way. This power word appeals for change and improvement. 

  1. Unmissable:

This power word ensures and makes you believe that you can’t miss this product and how it can affect your life or actions if you ignore  it or  don’t buy it. 

  1.  Indulge:

This power word implies that your product offers a special offer or treat which excites a customer and drives him to make a sudden purchase.

  1. Empathy:

Well, this is not a traditional power word but the kind of impact it leaves behind is better than the traditional one’s. Showcasing empathy in your message or email marketing can touch a customer at a emotional level which dares a customer to purchase that particular product or service.

  1. Elevate:

Using this power word indicates a customer to upgrade that recent purchase he or she might have made in the past. This word excites a customer and promises him to deliver a better experience than before. 

  1. Allure: 

This power word delivers a different charm and that charm drives a customer crazy towards the attractiveness of your offer. 

  1. Enchant:

This power word basically leaves a magical or a delightful experience on a customer’s mindset of purchasing. 

  1. Satisfying:

This power word says itself that it enhances the satisfaction level of a customer upto 100%. This is also known as one of the most powerful power word in history of power words.

  1. Exhilarating:

This power word creates a feeling of excitement, thrill and adventure which gives him a sporty feeling to purchase that product. 

  1. Nourish:

This power word is generally used in the health sector to denote hygiene and proper well being. 

  1. Vibrant 

This power word denotes energy, liveliness and confidence. This gives a eye-touch experience to the customer in order to drive sales. 

  1. Wholesome

This power word is mostly used for food and family required products for example bread, etc. Which commonly implies Naturalness. 

  1. Cherish:

This power word provokes a sense of value and appreciation and forces a customer to look out and treasure your product.

  1. Reliable:

This power word provides a feeling of dependence and trustworthiness that a customer can rely on their product in difficult times which gives him a security to make the purchase. 

  1. Glowing:

This powerword leaves a positive impact on a customers mindset by highlighting a positive feedback that can divert a customer to purchase your product instead of others.

  1. Enrich:

This power word is for the products that add up value and enhance the quality of living of your life in some way.

  1. Rejuvenate: 

This power  word implies  freshness and gives a positive impact on a customers mindset to make a sudden purchase.

  1. Efficient:

This power words indicates that this product can save your time and effort at the same time which drives customers crazy to make purchases.

  1. Champion:

This power word has the ability to position your product as a champion or a leader which gives a sense of winning after buying that particular  product which plays a vital role in driving the number of sales. 

  1. Irreplaceable:

This power word says that this particular product cannot be replaced with any substitute and it is unique to a greater extent. 

  1. Genuine:

This highlights the authenticity of your offers and builds trust and loyalty 

  1. Empower 

This product tells a customer to give power in order to achieve their goals after purchasing this product.

  1. Radiant:

This power word convex a sense of brightness and positiveness. 

  1. Uncomplicated:

This power word mutually offers ease and customers are generally gets attracted towards the products which are promising and offers ease.

  1. Dynamic:

This power word indicates energy and action which creates a provoking behaviour when it comes to purchasing.

  1. Soothing:

This power word relaxes a customer and brings his state of mind at peace to take a healthy decision while picking the product.

  1. Flawless:

This power word positions your product as a perfect combo to purchase without flaws. 

  1. Celebrate:

This product suggests that your product is worthy to celebrate and gives a sense of enjoyment. This power word is mostly used during festive seasons. 

  1. Essential:

This power word indicates that your product is necessary and useful in your day to day course of life. 

  1. Savvy:

This power word creates a feeling of knowledge and expertise and gives an intelligent feeling to the customer. 

  1. Confident:

This power word says itself that it assures the customer all the benefits he or she will be getting after making the purchase of this particular product. 

  1. Lavish:

This power word creates a feeling of richness in a customer’s mindset indicating luxury and  a extravagant need to purchase it. 

  1. Illuminate:

This power word is usually used when you’re launching something new to the general public. This word implies enlightening behaviour when you’re putting light on something. 

  1. Hoist:

This power word implies an upgrade or enhancement promising a better user experience than before. 

  1. Resourceful:

This power word develops a feeling of necessity without which a customer cannot survive in his day to day course of life. 

So here’s the list of 50 powerful words which creates and prompts different kinds of impacts in such a way that it affects sales to a grateful extent. These carefully chosen words have the ability to develop either an aspiring or a left-out feeling.The major crucible of this is how you pick these bombs in the form of words.


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