7 Marketing Strategy For Digital World

What is marketing?

Marketing refers to a process by which we can attract more and more people in our business or we can increase the awareness of our product. We can do advertising for better marketing. By doing this we can increase the sale of our product.

4 basic p’s of marketing

There are four (4) basic principles of marketing that are as below:-

Let’s discuss these 4 basic principles of marketing:-


Product is one of the most basic components in marketing, without any product you are not able to do marketing. The product can either be a good or service but you have to remember that your product is helpful for others ,you have to pay attention towards the quality of your product. If you want to sell a product that is going to be profitable for you then you have to do research on those customers who are interested in your products by which you are able to achieve your goal of earning more & more deserving profit . Also you have to pay attention towards the safety of your product and also its usefulness for others and about the thing that is the selling point of your product.


You can do this by doing marketing research which is also known as market – oriented pricing . You have to make your product available at a reasonable price for customers by which more people get attracted towards your product because you are selling the same product that others are also selling in the market so you have to compete with them and attract the customers towards your product.You have to set price according to the willing of the customer that what amount he wanted to pay for your product. The most important way for this is to do research about the marketing price of the product then set your product price .


This is also an important thing for marketing where you are selling your product , or you are making available your services for the people whether you are doing it by a shop or by a website or both. You have to show this in the locations which are nearby to your area. You have to think about your convenience for your customers. Also, it affects a customer more towards your product and it makes you trustworthy in the market also.If you are doing this then you can achieve huge success in your business .


Basically this includes the more and more possible awareness in people about your product,company,brand,service whatever you are offering to customers. You have to give information about your product and all the qualities which are good for your products and also mention the things which make your product more attractive and unique from others. You have to mention the reasons why the product is more deserving in marketing in comparison to other products . Firstly you have to communicate with the targeted audiences which leads to a positive and trustworthy image or places in marketing and then make your product appealing for them . Effective promotion makes your business achieve good success in the marketing.

Ways of doing promotion of your product by different sources:-

This makes your business extend online on different platforms like :- E-commerce sites,social media and many more places.

Email marketing

This is done by sending mails to people and making them aware about our product.

Sales promotion
This includes the short term promotion and deal with customers .

Search marketing
This refers to our generation marketing which takes more and more traffic on our sides through search engines.

Direct marketing
This refers to that kind of promotion that we do by showing to our target audiences which pay attention to our product from the beginning.

Public relations
This refers to that way of promotion in which we post favorable pictures of our product.

Marketing strategy for digital world

Strategy that we can do to make the world digital that are listed below:-

1. Inbound marketing

The process of making a useful product for customers which attracts them more and more towards your business and also resonates with the audience about their experience is known as INBOUND MARKETING. It is a marketer tactic which is generally used to convert website visitors into paying customers.

It includes:-
1.Content marketing
2.Email marketing
3.Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
4.Marketing automation
5.Website optimization
6.website analytics
Why do we use this marketing?

We use this marketing basically for three reasons:-

It is affordable
We can save money by leaving the higher rate of interest. You will target the targeted audiences rather than anyone and people with the hope of achieving success.

Its trustworthy and credible
When people search and discover you by clarifying their own queries and getting answers for that, at that time you are a trustworthy industry expert rather than just a normal entity who has hunger for sales .

Relationship focus
You can build trusted relations with people which is not only for sales but for making them repeat customers.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing refers to that marketing in which we make people aware of our product with its negative and positive things also. By answering their questions truly to help them . Content includes blog posts,landing pages ,podcasts,eBooks and many more types are there.

Content marketing have many goals , few are given as under;

It increases brand loyalty among customers .
It increases brand awareness among people.
It educates our target audiences more.

Why do we use content marketing ?

It brings strong relations with our customer
When you tell somebody about the positive and negative things about your products then a trusted relation developed by yourself. By this your sales will also increase and you have your own selective audience .
It also increases the brand authority
When we produce interesting or educational products it automatically introduces the brand authority and also helps us to take our position in the industry in the authoritative source . Your targeted audience also starts taking solutions from you about their problems .

3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization(SEO) refers to the process of optimizing your website and the content on your website for ranking on search engines . It also increases organic traffic on your website.
It involves many tactics in it;
It creates high quality content.
It optimizes content around keywords and also according to the user needs.
It also ensures that the website is optimized for search engines or not.
It increases leads and sales also.

Why do we need SEO?

It have higher conversion rates
It includes website speed , user friendly website or not ,easy to use or not,compatible with all devices or not . It is able to convert random users into loyal customers before leaving the website .

It increases brand awareness among peoples
If the website ranks in the search engine at 1st or 2nd page then it shows to many people which increases the brand awareness and makes it trustworthy. It increases the sale of products .

4.Social media marketing

Advertising on social media about your product like instagram , facebook , twitter , pinterest and many more it attracts people towards our product and also increases awareness about it , also helps us to gain fans and followers , brings traffic on our website , makes more customers engage in our product .

Why do we use social media marketing?

It is Cost effective marketing
In this we can make more people aware by having a low budget for our product and it is also effective for age groups under different social media apps .

It increase audience interaction
About 45% of the population is on social media and they spend approximately 3 hours a day on social media in finding right and trustworthy channels for buying products and services. Also we can take the advantage of interacting with the audience directly by doing good advertising .

It improve our brand loyalty among peoples
According to the research 71% of the population have good experience on social media shopping and have positive experience and then they recommend the product to their family members , friends , relatives also .

5. Email marketing

Email marketing refers to the process of making people aware about our product by sending emails to them on the mail id. It makes us more engaged with the people who are also interested in our product so it leads to achieving success. It makes our relationship strong with those who are also interested in our product .

Why do we use email marketing?

It brings traffic to our website
It is cost effective in comparison to SEM or SMM.
It was delivered to our target audiences only.
6. Pay Per click(PPC)

It refers to the process of paying money on per click by doing advertising on many platforms like:- google ads,bing ads,or on other search engines . The amount spent on this is based on the limit of the campaign when the campaign stops the traffic is also discontinued and the campaign also stops or is discontinued by itself .

When a user clicks on PPC ads then he or she is directly reached to our landing pages on which they have to take few actions like:-
The can make a purchase
They can complete a form
They can download a report

Why do we use PPc ads?

It makes tracking easy.
By this we get instant results.
It also controlled our amount spent on the campaign in which the ads are running.

7. Chatbot and live chat marketing

marketing strategy for digital  world

Instant replies on customers queries and solving them makes us valuable and increases reputation among peoples and makes them engaged for lifetime in our brand . About 1.4 million are interested in talking to the chatbot. That’s why this is a good way of doing online marketing and make our brand trustworthy by which we can take the place in the industry . Brand uses chatbot for following reasons:-
Answer the customers whatevers they have questioned us for our product.
Dealing with the complaints that the customers have registered.
To promote live events .

Why do we use chatbot and live chat marketing?

For providing instant replies.
To enhance customer experience.
To sell our product.

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Q1. Why do we need digital world marketing?
Ans. as we all know that everything is going to be started online so we start online marketing to make shopping easy for people.

Q2. Can we do this by yourself or do we have to connect to an agency?
Ans. It depends on your brand and your skills.

Q3. How can I make my website rank on the search console ?
Ans. By doing SEO on your side and by doing by strategy.

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